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Born 13/07/1959

I was thinking about painting in 2003, and I came to the Art Centre to start painting then. I didn’t know how to paint, but my sister Amy taught me how to paint when I came to the Art Centre. I saw how she was doing the painting, and I started learning then, how to paint. I got some style from her, but after that I got my own style, different way. I got my own style then.

I had a little break and I tried other jobs, but I didn’t like them so I came back to Art Centre. It’s a good job – sitting, doing paintings, cleaning. I was born here at Ngukurr, right next to the old clinic. I didn’t do high school, I got a job straight out of primary school. I worked as a health worker before, but I finished. Resigned. I worked as a ranger, then after I worked at the school. From there I was a cleaner at the office. Now I am an artist and work at the Art Centre.