Burunju (ruined city)

When I was younger we use to watch the sand stone rocks changes when the sunset.This Country belongs to the Huddleston.Ruined City belongs to the CatFish dreaming , I’m a Custodian to them too a (Jungai) in our Marra  language. There a 7 tribes in Ngukurr but only 3 or 4 languages spoken today, we are learning  Marra as well. Kriol is spoken widely in Ngukurr with a mix of English and Language of the different tribes like the cooking of different cuisine of the world. I’m painting my painting with Inspiration from the likes of local Famous artist, My Auntys Gertie Huddleston, Angelina George, Ginger Riley and Sambo Bara Bara. They are our Foundation when it comes to painting here in Ngukurr they paved the way for us.

120×120cm | Cat. no: 315-18