This is a wet season painting. There is a lot of water around and a lot of new life. It rains there. It rains everywhere. This is the long billabong there on the other side of the river. When you pull up, you camp there. I used to go there with my aunty Maureen sometimes in a canoe. When I look at this painting it makes me feel rich and happy. There’s that bush onion that grows in wet weather time and jaw jaw (lily’s) – green and purple. I paint my memories of that country. Sometimes I sing the rain. My grandfather could sing the rain too. I just talk to the rain. Sometimes it comes and goes. When I see the dark clouds, I tell those little boys, ‘It’s coming in now.’ Then there is the lightning. It comes across the river from Marra country near that billabong – Nyirrinji. Limmen Bight is the white fella name. That is That is my country. Everybody tells me. That is my country. But I got no Toyota to go there.

120×65cm | Cat. no: 40-21