Long Billabong

This billabong is on Marra country. It’a a beautiful billabong. There are a lot of flowers and bush foods around long billabong. I used to go there with my big brother and we would find jaw jaw (lily roots) . There are a lot of ways to eat jaw jaw. Sometimes we would wait for the root to dry, then we could crush it up and make a flour. The flour is good for making damper. We love to eat damper, it’s easy to make and we cook it straight on the fire.

This is a reduction lino print, meaning all colours are printed from the same piece of lino. Each time a new colour is layered on a bit more of the lino is cut. This lino has eight colours.  

Reduction linocut on 300 GSM Somerset paper.

45 × 47 | Cat. no: 44-20-10_10