“This one is the Mokuy (Spirit) Devil Devil, look out for him; he is a fighting man with blades on his knees and legs. He has blades on his arms they can rip you wide open. He is a hunting devil devil.. He can hear and see everything in the bush. The bones are for the people that have passed away that may be in the caves or coffin logs. We have special songs during corroborrees when someone passed away, we all gather together to sing and dance. The devil devil is an important part of this ceremony and this painting represents his role in this part of our culture.” – Wally Wilfred

Reduction lino prints are a complicated process where all colours are printed from a single piece of lino onto a limited number of sheets of archival printmaking paper. The artist alternates between printing on the paper and then cutting more from the original lino, then reprinting over the paper again adding more detail as he keeps repeating this process. This reduction lino was produced in community and is very limited edition with only 10 prints made.

Image: 46 × 27cm Paper: 56 × 38cm | Reduction lino print on archival 300GSM paper | Cat. no: cudp0xlp


This artwork has been sold.