Pee Wee

The PeeWee takes the mud to make their nest. It takes them a month to do it, it’s a lovely nest. The female stay inside on top of her eggs to keep it warm. The male feed the female during this time

Betty was born on the 1st July 1938 on her father’s country – St Vidgeon [Walgundu]

Betty spent her early life at the Mission [Mirlingbarrwarrr] and this is where she obtained her education.  Betty has a large family of 5 children and many grandchildren.  Betty, along with her 5 sisters, all have a love for painting and all are well known in the art world.  Their paintings are acquired by collectors from near and far.

45 × 45cm | Acrylic paint on canvas | Cat. no: fbh86iha


This artwork has been sold.