Bhurun-Jhu (Ruined City)

Bhurun-Jhu, is a place stone jutting out in the Arnhem Land platue north from Ngukurr (Roper River).Just west from my Homeland Boomerang Lagoon,We sometime climb our hill at Boomerang just to see the changing colours at the sandstone formation of Bhudhun-jhu this was back in the eighties.Bhudhun-jhu belongs to the Huddleston’s they’re the traditional people of this country their totem is the catfish, they are the catfish people in the dream time.The Catfish songline start from Bhudun-jhu to Wanmurry right up to the sea at Wiyagiba that’s where it’s finish.

120×90cm | Cat. no: 33-20