Ngukurr Story Project

A collaboration between Ngukurr Art Centre and Ngukurr Language Centre, Ngukurr Story Project supports local people to tell the stories they want to tell in the language they want to tell it in.

The project is developing a slate of films and videos by storytellers and emerging filmmakers from Ngukurr.

If the works are not currently under consideration by a film festival or broadcaster, they can be seen here:

For more information about the project or screening any of the works, please get in touch with producer Courtney Collins.

Lil Bois

Lil Bois is the first short film in the endangered language of Ngandi.

When a shy little boy discovers his family are missing he leads his friends into the wilderness to find them.

Wanbala kwaietwan lilboi imin faindat ba im femili bin mising en imin lidi im fren mob ba gu lugumbat alabat la bush.

Writer and Director: Grant Thompson
Translations: Grant Thompson, Cherry Daniels
Assistant Director: Angelina Joshua
Sound: Richard Starr
Sound Mentee: Maritza Roberts
DOP: Callum Flinn

I am Numamurdirdi

Senior culture man and jungaii for this country Walter Kolbong Rogers tells the story of his life as a dancer and leader of ceremony.

Olmen Walter Kolbong Rogers dalimbat stori bla im laif, weya imin densa en serremeni lida.

Story: Walter Kolbong Rogers
Dancer: Walter Kolbong Rogers
Director: Naina Sen
Director’s Mentee: Grant Thompson

Yolŋu Man Walking

Songman Daniel Wilfred teaches his son Isaiah part of a song cycle.

Dijanaya Daniel Wilfred, im Wägilak songmen. Iya im lenimbat im san Isaiah Wilfred wanbala bunggul.

Story and choreography: Daniel Wilfred
Dancers: Daniel Wilfred, Isaiah Wilfred
Photography: Nicola Bell

Stringybark – Presented by Maritza Roberts

Yugul Mangi Ranger Maritza Roberts shows the many uses of the Stringy Bark tree.

Det Yugul Mangi Reinja Maritza Roberts showum ol kain wei bla yusum stringibak tri.

Director and Presenter: Maritza Roberts

Mimosa – Presented by Maritza Roberts

The Yugul Mangi Rangers join forces with the Numbulwar Numburindi Rangers to
treat the noxious weed Mimosa pigra on the Phelp River in South East Arnhem Land.

TRANSLATION: Yugul Mangi Reinja ma en Numburindi Reinja ma wek mijimit bla digimat det bujinbalawan plent burru det Phelp Riba eriya. Ba im neim Mimosa pigra det plent.

Science on Country – Presented by Maritza Roberts

Yugul Mangi Ranger Maritza Roberts explains the importance of fire in land management and how to start a fire when you don’t have a lighter or matches.

Det reinja Maritza Roberts tok bla maindimbat kantri garra faiya. en hau im brabli impotin ba dum det kain. Im olsou tok bla hau ba migi faiya if yu gan abum laita o metjes.

Presenter: Maritza Roberts

Andy Lukuman Peters

Andy Lukuman Peters talks about learning respect, culture way.

Andy Lukuman Peters tok bla lenimbat rispek en kaltja brabliwei

Filming: Maritza Roberts
Presented: Andy Peters


Ngukurr Artist Gwenneth Blitner describes her unique painting style and love of colour and country.

Det atis Gwenneth Blitner burru Ngukurr toktokbat blanga im peinting stail, en hau im leigi gurrwei det kala en im kantri.