Olden Days – Story of the Police Tracker

‘The olden day blekfella lives in the bush all their life, they hunt for food, kangaroo, turkey, emu, fish with their spears. They caught longneck turtle in the billabong, we call turtle ‘gunga’ and also woman dig for wild yam. The blue water in the middle of the painting is a water hole that doesn’t t dry up. The people live happily in this land, until one morning the police tracker came to them and the people were frightened of the police tracker. Some people ran away and hid in the hills. The elder old man, owner of the land went to the police tracker and asked him what they wanted. The police tracker told him to get out of this land, but the old man said this our country for me and my people and I’m not moving out of this land. This land is my grandfather’s land. The police tracker just stood there they didn’t know what to do.’ – Jill Daniels

120×65cm | Cat. no: 36-21


This artwork has been sold.